COAC Peace Camp

Peace Camp is an annual two-afternoon gathering for 6th- through 8th-grade Jewish, Muslim and Christian young people during which 40 or more participants build friendships with each other while they learn about the richness of each other’s religious traditions and develop skills for standing against faith-based prejudice and bullying. They are led by an interfaith team of 20 or more high school and college students from the three religions.

The camp is normally held on the Sunday and Monday afternoons of President’s Day Weekend and includes visits to a synagogue, mosque and a church, where religious leaders give tours of their sacred spaces and answer questions about their teachings. Student leaders facilitate discussions and run games at each worship center that help campers teach about their faith traditions while making new friends and having fun.

Peace Camp Offers Interfaith Leadership Training Throughout the Year

Peace Camp doesn’t end after “the camp”. Campers and leaders gather throughout the year through monthly virtual reunions or service afternoons so they can continue to develop interfaith friendships, interfaith literacy and interfaith reverence.

Email for more information and future Peace Camp dates.